Sunday, September 26, 2010

Buzzzbar Café

Been there, done that on 25 August 2010.

Buzzzbar Café
349 King Street
Newtown, NSW 2042

My friend was telling us about this café and their tasty cakes. She visited this café a couple of times with her uni club and had many praises for the cakes! Boy, I really wanted to try the cakes they have. So my friends and I decided to have dinner at this café on my birthday and they gave me a treat! It was nothing fancy, just cakes for dinner. There wasn't a need for birthday cakes when we have four slices and a main!

I haven't been to this part of Newtown in ages, it looked really different especially at night. I used to frequent Newtown last year, because it was just within walking distance from uni and it's a really interesting place to be. Alongside with many little quaint cafés along the road, there were also a few local boutiques that boasts local fashion.

The café is pretty near the train station, so you definitely won't lose your way. The café had parquet-like floorings, little wooden tables and seats and we had a huge couch at the back of the café! It felt really comfortable, with dim lightings and friendly waiters. A really good place to chill out, lucky the café wasn't packed on a Wednesday night.

We actually had candles on the table too, but the flame blew off. Later on, the owner of the café came to light them up for us again. He came to chat a little too, and told us that he made those cakes. He sounded like a proud daddy telling us his creations.

Then our cakes came, before our main. We weren't too particular about having desserts before main, so we told the waiter to serve them whenever they're ready. I think we were all famished because my friends were waiting for me. When our desserts came, you could totally tell that we aren't locals because we started fishing out our cameras and snapping photos.. of the food! How typical of international students I would say. It's always a whole new experience to us to visit a new place, and definitely we would wanna record this memories. Heehee, pardon us if you see people fishing out their cameras and taking photos of food! I know, this sounds dumb.

The cake below is some coffee tart. I can't remember the name for it, but I vaguely remember there were a tinge of coffee in it and it was really nice. The tart base was a little hard though and if you don't like coffee, then maybe this wouldn't be too your likely. My friend didn't like it because the coffee was too strong for her, but I liked it!

It seemed easier to take two cakes in one photo, heehee.

This was the main we shared. Thank goodness we only ordered one, I think we really enjoyed the cakes so much that we were pretty full. The main was grilled chicken, with salad and some shrooms. The chicken was well done, the meat wasn't dry at all and it isn't as oily (and shiny) as in the photos. I don't fancy salads, but we loved the shrooms very much (even though it was just.. shrooms :P).

Overall, it was good ambience, good cakes and friendly service. I read other reviews on to set my expectations and it seemed that service wasn't that awesome for a couple. I also heard that the café gets pretty packed on weekends, so we were lucky that the crowd wasn't there when we were!

3.5 out of 5 bling blings*

Disclaimer: Sorry some of the photos were pretty blurry. My camera ain't very good at taking nightshots, but I'll search for a solution (and practise too). I promise better reviews next up, with the names as close to that on the menu.

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