Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clipper Café

It was a pretty tough week, having to deal with deadlines that weren't mine (I had to help a couple of friends with their assignments T__T), and a really bad fall in my room. I didn't think the fall was that serious, but the pain seem to be increasing by day. I don't know if it was fall then amnesia or amnesia then fall, but I can't remember how I fell and whether I fell forward or backward. But I've got a really bad backache now and my knee is slightly bruised. A series of unfortunate events.

Anyway yesterday, after just an hour of lecture, a really nice friend brought me to Clipper Café. He was raving about their good coffees and brekkie, and it was so close to uni. So we walked over really slowly, because of my backache >.<

Clipper Café
16 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe, 2037
Was there on 07 October 2010

It was a very cosy café but it was a bad timing to be there. There were some construction going on just right in front of the café, it was soooo loud that it was really unpleasant. But anyhow, I like the decor of the café, so vintage and victorian. Super like :)

Didn't managed to capture pictures of the skim cappuccino that WK ordered, but I suppose it's good since he always has it there. But I've got all the pictures of the food, if that's more important :P

So I ordered poached eggs with smoked salmon tasmanian on impulse because they didn't have the soup that I wanted :( Hope I got the name right, I think this was also organic! It was written on the board hanging above right before the counter, don't think anyone will miss it. I think it was on the menu too, but I skipped through the menu since everything seem have to be eggs or salad which I don't fancy. Ironically, I ordered eggs for lunch anyway.

Poached eggs with smoked salmon tasmanian (A$ 12)

But this was really good! I liked it with the tomato base and it wasn't like raw salmon which was good. When I ordered it I was like, damn is it gonna be raw salmon. Thankfully it's not and I should be trustworthy because I'm not an egg lover and I liked it :) The only con was the bread though, it was a little tough but there was heaps of olive oil in it which I like. So con + pro = neutral towards the bread.

So WK had like some banana bread with berries. He had it several times already, so I guess it really has to be good. I was a little reluctant to try it though, because it was like.. banana +  bread and I only take banana as it is.

Then WK offered a small bit for me and I was still a little apprehensive. But nevertheless being spontaneous me, I had a go and omg I never knew warm banana bread was that good. I didn't like the berries though, but it was a good combination of cold berries + warm banana bread! I guess it's a must try, since WK is such a fan of them.

And WK is so amused by the grinders that they've got, he is super cheap thrill at this. But I guess in an ordinary asian household, you'll probably never find such grinders. I must remember to have them at my new place when I move at the end of this year!

Really thankful for the great lunch that lasted the rest of the day. The salmon I had was filling that I didn't have dinner, but of course I snacked heaps in the night. Thanks WK for bringing me! I think there's another coffee place which has awesome pancakes that he was supposed to bring me too. The service was pretty alright, considering it was a busy café. I guess I would go back there if anyone fancies a good lunch :)

Exams are in exactly a month, I should really get prepared. I've got an exam on monday and more deadlines coming up in a few weeks! Gah, sometimes uni just takes a toil on me and my friends are also complaining. We totally love holidays!

WK and I had a very interesting topic that we were discussing, I guess it's good to share it here too. I was just complaining to him about a certain friend and he said that with my opinions he'll start to form stereotypes on that person. So i disputed and said that stereotypes are what society regards of a certain issue or what an entire group of hundreds of people view the issue. Do you get what I mean? So, opinions vs stereotypes -- Does one's opinions form a stereotype of another person, or is it because of the stereotype that affects opinions? Such a play of words, I like :)

Side note: I changed my watermark a little, still can't decide which one is better or are the colours good. But even if all else changes, the credit will still be the same. Yay, I love my watermark because I spent so much time on them :/ I know I'm a noob at such stuff. Oh wells.

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