Monday, October 11, 2010

Exams, who loves them?

I have an exam tomorrow but I can't wait to be sharing photos of dinner last night! It was my school mate's birthday and boy, I was just counting on the number of years I've known her and I realised it's been like... since I was 7! That's 14 years and counting, that's heaps long! But if I remember it right, we were in the same class only for a year. Ah, I love and miss school so much. It's the school that I was in for ten years, so much memories.

I'm so thankful she invited me to her dinner, it was good experience having jappy teppanyaki and I love jap food so much! Before all that, I need to prepare for my exam tomorrow and it sucks because I don't have an excuse like my other friends who are busy with their macro assignment due tomorrow. I'm still busy helping them with their questions because I did that macro stuff last semester, boy I'm glad I'm over that course. It was definitely one difficult course to take, good bye ECOS2002! :D

This is officially my first post talking a little on uni stuff, slightly on a personal touch. I feel like I'm writing for myself to read because the hits tell me that no one is coming in here at all, but that's alright!). I'm super excited to finish up my last midsemester exam tomorrow, share my photos and catch Tomorrow, When The War Began at the theatre! I guess life's been treating me well, ever since I started on my Zen mode over at my private blog (Haha, I know it's lame to have a private and a public blog). Sometimes it's good to take a break from everyone who can reach you cyberly, distance makes the heart grow fonder, isn't it?  I have like a list of things I wanna talk about here, slowly but surely :)

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