Friday, June 17, 2011

Being a blogger is not easy.. at all.

I had a good thought about blogger vs blogging for the past couple of hours. It was indeed a short span of time, but I am convinced that I'll stick with blogging from now on :)

I don't know what was it about being a blogger that made me so intrigued, but it must have been the attention given by other people and getting to know people from all over the world. I must add, it is difficult to attain that level unless readers are particularly interested in what you blog about. I myself have subscribed to plenty of blogs of fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, photography bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and I must say those are really what I'm interested in. 

So let's say I dream of being a blogger, with blogging is also one of my favourite hobbies. I love writing (or typing or rambling) about things that I'm interested in, sharing and definitely also making friends. But thus far, I realised disappointment grows with the lack of readership. I am indeed sad that I haven't been able to gain much readership since I started (from wordpress till now), a little disheartened but I won't stop blabbering about my life :P That said, I'll put my focus on blogging and not being a blogger anymore! 

I have even thought of doing a giveaway to get more readership (from somewhere maybe?), but I reckon that wouldn't be a good way anyway. 

Pardon my random post, my blog is definitely my outlet for some random blabbering. Thanks for sticking with me! 


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