Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exam Rant >:(

Well, well. It's finally the day before my uni exams and I'm totally wrecked. In a way, I am almost done with my preparation but I know they might certainly be insufficient for my clever and brilliant lecturers. But let's think of it this way -- I am only three more days away from freedom! I can't wait.

I have...
  1. AGEC3103 Applied Optimisation tomorrow at noon.
  2. ECOS3008 Labour Economics on Tues at ten minutes before 2pm. 
  3. ECOS3012 Strategic Behaviour on Wed at twenty minutes past 9am.
  4. AGEC2105 Applied Econometric Modelling on Wed at ten minutes before 2pm.
Perhaps I shouldn't put my exam schedule up, but it serves as a reminder to myself if I can't find my timetable. It'll be a sleepless night for the next three nights! Can't wait for these exams to end.

Good luck! X

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