Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A visit to the sinseh.

My bad for being missing for so many days! I went travelling, alright not quite so, and am adjusting to time and weather at the same time :( Hello from Singapore! :D

I'll be here for a month to visit my family and my lovely bunnies. Also, we will be welcoming a couple more new members into my family and I just can't wait for them to happen! I'll try to get some posts up and running and also, I am thinking of blogging from two different hosts! But a note, the content would be exactly identical. I'm still trying to figure things out, hopefully I'll have the motivation to keep things going (hooray!).

Another note. I am so clumsy. I fell from the stairs last Thursday and haven't been able to walk normally without feeling an ache. It was sad because I missed having to buy more stuff for family and wasn't able to enjoy my post exam days in Sydney :( I've finally seen a sinseh (traditional Chinese physician) yesterday to look at my sprained and swollen ankle, and the treatment I went was something I never expected.

I went with the image that he/she was gonna just twist my ankle back to how it would be like, well that's what we see in shows on tv. But no, she said she was gonna poke the needle in the swollen areas to let the blood flow out and there and then, she just went ahead with it. I didn't really understand what went on, all I needed was just get my foot back into its normal skin colour! The area near my toes are currently still blackish and I feel like I've lost heaps of blood from that treatment. What I liked is, she bandaged my foot really nicely and I can finally limp around without having people stare at me :)

I'm still watching my foot, the black areas are not disappearing but it does look lighter! Maybe I'll be good and visit the chiropractic for another sort of treatment. 

Hmm, maybe a few outfit pictures to end it off? Taken during my last visit to Klang in Malaysia! This is way overdue, but the hot weather in Singapore reminds me of my last summer holiday! I snatched my little brother's cone from Baskin' Robbins just to snap a photo ;) The deal was to help me take a couple of shots and he'll get his cone back, having brothers is lovely :P

Top: Supre
Bottom (Khaki scallop hems shorts): Robot Ninjas
Bag: Glassons
Shoes (Oxford flats): Big W

I haven't showed faces of myself on this blog yet, forgive me if I'm not how you've imagined me to be.. This is what I would actually wear for a hot weather. I'm digging out some clothes from my current wardrobe to clear, hopefully I'll find more treasures before salvation army gets to keep them! 

Less words, more photos next time! X

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