Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apologies, again!

I think the most frequent thing I do on my blog is to apologise. Recently, I have been too involved with spending time with myself and dreaming about my new baby in the family. Well, she's gonna be just one of the two new babies -- more to come soon.

Here's a little snapshot of my new baby, taken using an iPhone4. Therefore, pardon the grainy mashy resolution of it.

We haven't quite given her a name yet (there are many choices but most of them are denied by my sister :() and she's not home either. She's too little to come home yet, only 7 weeks this week! And she also stinks up to the sky because she hasn't showered either. Apparently pups aren't quite allowed to be showered because they might fall ill. But they'll be able to do so after their second vaccination, or that's what we're told. 

Oh my, she's so adorable but she's so black she looks like a boy! Can't wait to visit her later and take more videos of her barking and whining nonstop. She's such a baby :)

I'm returning to Sydney soon, hopefully I get more time on my hands to blog! x

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