Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taking a break

I'm slow in my new project to revamp my blogging interest, but I'll take all the time I need and want when exams are over! I'm currently on stuvac (study vacation), similar terms to recess or term break, in preparation for the final exams. Uni is tough, I don't kid. I'm definitely looking forward to the end of the exams, to go home and play with my bunnies.

Just to let you in on my favourite-favouritest girl in the world -- Apple :)

She's the most adorable bunny on earth right now, can't wait to play with her stick-like ears :)

Oh and I'm taking a longer break tomorrow by making a trip down to Bondi Beach flea market at the primary school! Never knew that they had flea markets there (I really love flea markets!), read about it on Gary Pepper Vintage and I'm going to drop by and have a look! I must and should be feeling guilty, but thinking about all the vintage deals I'm gonna be soaking in, I will make up for it. I'm glad to be in Sydney, with all the amazing things happening to me :)

Psst, I didn't link GPV here because I'm still a newbie on this sociable cyber world, don't wanna be famous for not who I am. But she's easily google-able, for who she is :)

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