Sunday, June 12, 2011

The sacrifice

I am guilty. I planned to visit the Bondi Beach Markets this morning, which starts at 10am, but it was raining and I continued sleeping. Well, raining weathers are best to sleep in isn't it? So, I missed my first Bondi Beach Markets, miss having to see GVP in real life :(, but I guess I sacrificed all that for more time to study for exams too.

Wished I had been at the markets but I bet Mom would say, you need to study for your exams. I could literally hear it ringing in my ears boo. But it wasn't all bad because I still went to markets, but it was Paddy's Markets instead for some groceries shopping and had my try in the new ramen restaurant just across Menya (at Haymarket). Shall have my photos and personal reviews up soon once I get Stepping Stones Algorithm out of the way, the unit I'm taking is driving me nuts!

PS I like blogging publicly and I'm amused seeing someone addicted to blogging because of my non-stop talking about it, muahahaha.

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