Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, such annoyance

I am annoyed at myself, for hogging onto so many usernames on cyber blog hosts. I was intrigued into making a twitter account by a friend a couple of weeks ago, but because I am late in hopping onto this trendy tech bandwagon, I am deprived of many usernames I came up with. I was stranded for that couple of weeks, but I'm still not used to twitter, just yet.

So I finally am on twitter now, a username inspired from my favourite boy on Earth. On top of that, I register another blog with blogspot with my new twitter username. Now what is the decision, to stay with contemporaryfavourites (which I like a lot) or change my blog to the same of twitter?

I shall take a while to decide, maybe I can conclude after I'm done with exams.

Oh, and heaps more food posts to come. I wish I had more outfit photos but I'm always forgetting to take some before I leave home and am always eager to change out after I'm back home. I'll try to search for old ones then, till exams are done!


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