Friday, September 30, 2011

Azuma Café, Sydney

I'm a very picky person when it comes to food, it has to please my taste buds before I say yay to it. Hence, it's pretty difficult to get me raving about certain food. And when I do, trust me it's really good :)

I'm not a fan of yogurt, unlike many others who take yogurt on daily basis (perhaps?). I dislike the sour and sticky taste in supermarket yogurts, even though it's fermented dairy and they are meant to have that sort of texture. Nevertheless, I don't mind trying yogurts around, in search of a possible delicious yogurt to-have.

Azuma Café
501 Greorge Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ground Floor, Regent Place Shopping

Many people know Azuma Café for their chiffon cakes and yogurt. One of my closest friend here recently found this place and she's been back there very often. I was introduced to this café last year, it's not hard to find but just a little secluded if you don't hang around that area. Now, I've been so spoilt that I always visit this café whenever I feel like a sweet that doesn't make me feel so guilty (y'know, yogurt = healthier choice?)

One of their famous chiffon cakes. I don't remember which flavour this was, but they have interesting flavours like early grey, honey and black sesame. There are this sort of chiffon cakes in Singapore, but they perhaps only come in one flavour, pandan, that they are hence, therefore called pandan cakes. It's interesting to have a different variety, and somehow Japanese always have it different :) You gotta try their flavours to decide which is the one you fancy, because I realised a couple of friends don't reckon this chiffon cake is yummy. I had the honey flavoured the other day when I met up with a friend whom I haven't met in 6 years (ahh, nostalgia), but the honey taste was masked and it tasted really bland. Maybe because I was having the yogurt so I needed some water to wash down the yogurt taste before having the cake. I shall have another go at it when I don't feel like having yogurt.

Another that I tried before was their baked cheesecake. Personally, I like my cheesecake light, similar to those Japanese cheesecake, over to NY cheesecake. I don't like cheese because of their slightly sour taste (did I mention I love lemons though?), but I often have strange cravings for cheesecake. I liked the cheesecake they have at Azuma, but only the sides and crust. The middle is a little more cheesy than I liked it to be, but it might suit someone who loves cheesecake. It's worth trying! ;)

Well, highlight of this post! I've been talking about it since the start of this blog post and good things are meant to be shared, last? :P This is the matcha yogurt at Azuma. The thing I like about this matcha yogurt is, the matcha taste isn't overly strong and bitter. I personally don't fancy matcha desserts with an overpowering matcha bitterness in it, it's just too much. Shouldn't there be a balance somewhere? But anyway, if you think about the bad points in matcha, you won't find those bad stuff in this yogurt! 

This is the mixed yogurt they offer too. It's mixed "original" with "matcha", but I'm not sure what the original is. Vanilla? :/ Anyway, I prefer to mixture to just one flavour. Sometimes I get too greedy and I'll order a large cup of yogurt. Having too much of the matcha or the original might kill the craving, so I'll usually have mixed and at the end of my cup I'll still crave for more. Well, the irony is there. Shouldn't I kill the craving? :P

Apparently Azuma used to have very good matcha latte, for whoever's interested. But my friends have decided and persuaded me that Toms n Toms Coffee (a Korean coffee chain) has better matcha latte. I should ditch their advices and try Azuma's one day, so I can do a proper comparison since I've already tried the one at Toms n Toms. 


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