Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kura Japanese Dining, Sydney - 2nd

Check out my previous post on Kura here!

Kura Japanese Dining
1/6 Dixon Street
Sydney NSW 2000

This ain't just my second time at Kura, but it's definitely my second post on it.

From my memory, there are two outlets of Kura within prolly 10km from each other (or maybe less since my measurements tend to be very warped). The first and original outlet is in Haymarket, right across from Market City, whereas the other is along Chinatown night market street, on Dixon Street. The second outlet is less packed with more seats than the first, you'll definitely get a seat faster.

This is the beef don that Kura the Second offered, standard is equivalent to their first outlet at Haymarket. It was a little dry in the rice but everything else was well done. They could do with a little more sauce in it.

Another safe option to try at Kura would be their Katsu Don. The egg was well done, the katsu was well fried, but if you can tell from the photo, the rice was a little too dry too. But I guess this is how dons are like? Some places I go to also have this dry-rice-problem, but some fare slightly better. Worth trying nonetheless. 

Kura has really yummy dons and I recently tried their yakisoba, it was awesome! I don't really have more to say about Kura, just that their prices are getting less competitive I feel? 

PS: Just taking a short break from my second last assignment for this semester, omg it's been so tiring! Also today, it's been so bloody hot man! The weather in Sydney is turning warmer, it just means summer is approaching and holidays are arriving! Can't wait. 


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