Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011.

I decided to pen something after a very long wordy hiatus. The last I wanted to blog about something, I got lazy because I was feeling tired after work and my energy wasn't enough to last an entry hence the photolog, wordless entry of Manly before this one.

Some are excited about 2012, some are dreading 2012, some are nonchalant towards 2012 coming. I belong to the last group because I don't dread nor am excited about 2012. 

2011 had been slightly less than a rollercoaster ride for me but it was nothing less than bliss. I had all the people I wanted in the world - family, friends, pets and the boy. 2011 was a year when I experienced so much love and so much had happened, from January till December it was nothing less than emotional. 

January - spent most of my time at home with my bunnies and going out to meet friends whom I haven't met for a long while. It was also nice to see my new home built from scratch, where we check on the progress on a weekly basis. From some sort of ruins to a home that we're all living in now (Self reminder: Put in photos). This was also the month where I was asked twice if we were to bring our friendship to the next level, and it was really hilarious to see that dejected look on his face (it really doesn't matter if I'm mean). 

February - had my first fine dining experience at a French restaurant, Au Petit Salut, and I still cannot believe how much cash was spent on this. Not that it's not worthwhile (the food was yummylicious btw!), but I still feel like I'm not someone anyone should spend so much time and effort on.. Also, I had my first and last concert with my alumni concert band and the experience of being on stage again brought back so many memories I had before. I love performing, but I can never get over the jittery inside me each time I have a solo to play. A regret when I couldn't perform up to standards. So much in February because it was a short month for me before I had to travel to start my third year of university. 

March till June - uni life was made better with the boy around, constantly whipping up meals for me and giving it to my nasty temper. I still feel bad for the constant lack of patience because as a result our grades were less than what we could have possibly achieved, but I'm wouldn't be less glad or happy if he weren't around. 

July - was spent back home and we bought our puppy then :) I visited her at the pet shop while she was still very little and it fascinates me on how tiny she was, as compared to how large she is right now. On the 8th was also the last day I saw my good friend M. 

August till November - Tagged along the boy's family exploration while his family visited Sydney and it was nothing short of lots and lots of carbohydrates! Also received another hand crafted birthday card from the boy and an enjoyable dinner at Jazushi. Non-stop search for good food around Sydney and fostering stronger friendships with all my possible friends. Sometimes I wish I could be more real to myself and my friends though.

December - saw the departure of my good friend M. I still cannot believe how he left his family, his girlfriend, me and his other friends just so abruptly. I made several promises to him when I saw him off and I aim to fulfill the promises I made to him because he was so dear to me. A friend who was always there when I needed him, a friend who always replied my text even when he's so busy. Dear M, I still miss you very much but I know I can no longer and should not say if only you were still here. Help your family to move on slowly because you know you're always in their hearts and not mind. Let them get on with what they wanna do without having you constantly on their minds, I know you will surely help them get through this. Two more days to a month since you left, I told myself I should visit you but I'm still really not so sure if I should. Take care, my friend. You've been a blessing to me. 

An emotional year indeed. I wish 2012 will a better and perhaps less emotional year for me because I can no longer take such wreck-full changes in my life. 

Have a good year ahead, everyone :) x

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