Friday, March 30, 2012

Just bumping up!


I've been missing in action, but definitely not because I was plain lazy. I've been really sick since I return to Sydney (and even before that, I was really sick when I was in Singapore) and just as I thought I was getting better, I am down with flu right now! What happened to me was really pathetic. I had inflammation, infection, on-off fever, headache, muscle ache and not to mention, I was red all the time! It was horrifying and tiring to be googling what's wrong with me, all the time. Eventually, I gave in and went to see a doctor and it was prolly the worst choice I've made. Not the part about seeing the doctor and finally getting some antibiotics, it was not choosing a doctor! The doctor I saw made me feel like I have some viral infectious disease that I was gonna spread to everyone else around me, and I felt more dejected than ever. I constantly felt like I had no cure, boo that doctor!, but right now I've rid all that nonsense! Double boo that doctor.

But anyway, now that I'm all better I'm gonna keep up with updating this stale blog. To begin, just wanna share the little one who's been bringing me heaps of joy. This little angel is my niece (omg I'm an aunt!), her name is Carrie Anne :) She's still looking like a boy, but definitely not sounding like one when she wails loudly in the middle of the night. I'll have another pictorial post coming up (I hope), all about my summer holiday which wasn't very exciting because I stayed home most days to play with this little twit. But she's a blessing to us :)

I'll drafting more posts albeit them lacking substance, to be continued! 


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