Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chefs Gallery, Sydney

I apologize for the extreme lack of proper entries of my food adventures. The first semester of uni hasn't gone too well for me because I was majorly ill and sick most of the time that I skipped most of my classes and slept most of the time. My immune is terribly down but when I feel that they're up for it, I'll have a go at the close by restaurants and eateries around where I live. I'll definitely be making for the lack of proper food posts and many other adventure stories.
Up now, we finally have a proper review of another restaurant and its food. It was a while away, but I'm sure I remembered my experience at Chefs Gallery. 


A signage outside the restaurant reminded us of the lunch deal that we could be in for! All noodles for $9.90, I was pretty sure we wouldn't get such a deal in the city. We're excited to try their lunch specials on a Friday afternoon, but disappointment got to us when we realized the lunch deal was only applicable Mon-Thurs. Nevertheless, we sat down anyway because we were so famished at almost 3 in the arvo. 

Sweet and Dark Pork A$15.90 - We picked this out of the "Chef's Choices" but was rather disappointed that this came as a little dish. There were probably only five or six small pieces, which makes this dish really pricey. It works out to be about $3 per piece for pork ribs, honestly I wouldn't pay for such price. Disappointing also was the pork ribs felt like they were drenched in massive amount of sauce and they weren't marinated well. 

Sweet and dark pork (A$15.90)

Curry Diced Chicken Noodles (Egg Noodle) A$12.90 - On the menu, this dish looked like it had a bit of soup rather than the dried looking thing that we received on our table. That aside, the noodles were mildly spicy which would be nice on a cold winter day. But yet again, the noodles felt like a separate dish from the curry in a way where I could imagine the chef throw in the noodles at the very last minute. No taste of curry within the noodles except for the little miserable bit of sauce that made up for it. 

Curry diced chicken noodles (egg noodle) (A$12.90)

Handmade Noodles Wok Fried with Shredded BBQ Pork in Premium Soya Sauce A$11.90 - This came looking promising although the portion was really small. The noodles had a slight wok taste but sort of lack the BBQ pork flavour in it. It would have been more pleasant if they fried the sesame seeds together with the noodles rather than just having them as garnishes. 

Handmade noodles wok  fried with shredded BBQ pork in premium soya sauce (A$11.90)

Unfortunately, we were pretty disappointed with having to pay for overpriced food in Chefs Gallery. We've seen long lines during their dinner times, but having tried them now we doubt we will ever queue to enter for dinner. I mean, since there is a line for dinner there should be some quality and quantity which makes people wanna go back for it, shouldn't it be? I'm not sure, I rather be paying more for somewhere with both acceptable quality and quantity. 

Chefs Gallery
12/501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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