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Just the other day, Q and I had an impromptu decision to buy some stuff on I think it was after we went for the Sportsgirl Style Me Up event that Q got into some mad craze over... feathers! Well, it's an upcoming fashion trend for spring, but I reckon it'll look on weird if I ever buy and wear to uni. Only arts students dress up really nicely to uni >.< I'm really surprised the package came so quick, it only took one week to reach us! Comparing to the BB cream I bought from a Korean seller on ebay, well it's 7 days versus 10 days. Thumbs up for fast shipping from, shipping costs £10.50.

But what really got us into this was, the exchange rate. Currently AUD is really strong, I've been monitoring it every day. Well, it'll work well for me if I'm earning AUD but now that I'm jobless.... Let's not go into that yet. So with such a strong currency working against me, I should be spending less to save that AUD to earn some interest. Half of me hopes that AUD continues to go strong (that means cheaper US and UK online shopping!!), the other half prays for immediate weak AUD because.. Well changing SGD to AUD will cost so much more now :( Anyway, less shopping now I told myself. My friend has been nagging at me because I trade shopping for meals, I know that's bad..

Anyway, I'm really excited about my haul. Yay and nay to shopping!

My black sunnies actually broke a month back or so, but I had no idea how. I needed a new pair, even though I have an extra one -- that is bright purple though and my friends always feel like an oddball when they walk with me :p So I went through the sunnies list, and there I spotted this! It looks really chic on the model but I just knew that they were too huge for my face. I got it anyway, because the plus point was....

credits to

It came with a box! Well, it spells fierce and that was what I was looking for (in a box). Heehee, then I wouldn't just chuck my sunnies into my bag and maybe sit on it without knowing >.<

In its packaging. Totally loving this new pair, costs me £5!

Now, doesn't it look really chic on the model? She totally looks like a mannequin, so cute ^^

credits to

This is how huge it is on my puny face :( I was so anxious I didn't realise the sticky was still on >.< Side note, there are so many things on my wall! I love sticking cards and letters and anything my friends gave me.

Then, I bought something else too! A pair of clog heels! :D I so wanted a pair of clogs, but I just can't afford the pair I really wanted. So I compromise with a strappy one, even though it doesn't look like a pair of clogs now. This pair costs me £13 :)

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I bought it in blush UK3 heehee. My feet is really small, it's so difficult to buy shoes sometimes. I kinda like this pair, though it makes my feet feel a little squashed (might be a little too tight), and it totally adds 10cm on me! :D I actually took a picture of me wearing it, I know I'm such a camwhore, but I reckon my feet is the ugliest pair with so many marks :( Maybe when I wear it out, I'll take a picture :P

Aside to all that, I really like shopping in Aus and now, too! I mean like, in other countries and places, they only do exchange within 7 days or so and no refunds. But in Sydney, we get to refund even though within 28 days. That is awesome because sometimes some stuff that I buy are on impulse. So, has it too! Like you can return the item if.. Style doesn't suit! Hahaha, that is a super good reason for returns ^^

I've actually been feeling really moody these days, it makes me really cranky too. I could be laughing out loud one moment, and crying quietly in my corner. It's not pms I reckon, I just need time and space to sort myself. Thank goodness my asos haul is here, I can divert my excitement to dressing up! Retail therapy works sometimes :)

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