Friday, October 15, 2010

Cold Rock

Today is such a warm day! I think it hit 26 degress with hot scorching sun, what a sudden change in weather from rainy yesterday. I'm all so glad that presentation is over, but I thought I was the worst since I probably only spoke for... less than a minute! Heehee, but at least it's over so we can move on to the next stage. Well done, Charlie!

After presentation, a couple of us walked over to Newtown because the two guys L and A were meeting their friends for some Thai lunch. WK and I didn't join them though, so I suggested having ice cream since it was so so so hot. I remembered there was Cold Rock nearby which I meant to try, so off we went!

Cold Rock
Shop 3, 62-64 King St
Newtown, 2042
(14 October 2010)

I remember the first time I actually had Cold Rock in Australia was during my road trip, but all I bought was a smoothie. Then the second time, it was actually back in Singapore. So today was my third time, but I had no clue on how I should order it.

And sometimes, I'm quite tired of making decisions when I asked someone else to. I don't know, it's been happening a lot to me these couple of days. What's with everyone asking me to make the decision? I actually don't mind making the choice a couple of times, but I don't like the feeling of someone being reliant on me to make all the decisions.

But anyway, we ordered two mix-ins chocolate fudge and cookie dough, with chocolate and cookies and cream. Chocolate overwhelmed! Heehee, purrrrfect for such a hot weather.

WK and I were supposed to share the large cup, but he backed out saying it was too sweet for him. Of course, I was secretly happy about it, it's icecream!! But I've been having too much chocolate lately, I felt a bit sick. I finished a Cadbury block within two days! :( It's the new flavour that they've got, but I know not many people fancy Cadbury.

Icecream fixes are the best in summer! The hot weather reminds me that I've gotta stock up on icecream! I honestly wouldn't go to Cold Rock just for an icecream fix, I would rather head to the gelato stores, well at least gelato are fat free!! :)

Thank goodness arranging of placements are going smoothly, can't wait for the real summer holidays to come!

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