Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sam I Am

The last Monday morning was stressful and sad for me, It was that same Monday which I blogged about I Chi Ban Teppan-Yaki. Sleeping late, then waking up early just to catch a bus to uni, go for exam that I got stumped on the first question because I didn't read that chapter at all. Then had two missed calls, just to realised it was a long distance from London! That kinda made my morning, even though it was kinda embarrassing that my phone started buzzing away during the paper.

I really like how Ag faculty is pretty slack and how workload isn't as bad as the other faculties, even though it's not very much appreciated. Well, my course in uni is often associated with farmers and farming so that's probably the only thing I'm a little disheartened to explain about. Nevertheless, I enjoy the flexibility of my course and summer holidays would be the best time to decide on my other electives to take. I'm getting sick and tired of finance, should I drop it?

Anyway, I skipped my arvo lessons on Monday to start planning up my industry farm placement. Because some friend of mine was so super hungry, we popped by Sam I Am for his lunch and I grabbed a cuppa mocha. I reckon I still like Starbucks or Gloria Jeans compared to hot bitter cuppa. Since 1) I didn't think that I was gonna take photos and 2) I left home really early that morning, I only managed to take some photos of my phone. The photo qualities are really bad, but I still love my phone.

Sam I Am
99 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe NSW 2204
Was there on 11 October 2010

The guy at the counter gave us our "queue number" and it came in the form of this dino! I actually told the guy at the counter, how cute. That must have sounded really bimbo >.<

Right behind the counter was this blackboard that wrote "Jasmine + Sam" or something to that extent. I didn't manage to capture a picture, but how sweet. I was meant to take photos of the interior, but argh the moodiness I had because I didn't bring my camera just spoilt it. It was a very comfy place to be, over coffee or just breakfast. They had three levels and WK said the seats at the courtyard were the best, pity it rained.

So, this is my mocha >.<

WK had some big meat brekkie, but I didn't try anyway. No camera, no mood. Sorry! It looks like a pretty small portion to me, haha I know I'm a big eater, but somehow he was trying very hard to finish it. Oh, I must add, the chef had some really good professionalism in him! He didn't think that the poached eggs were well done, so the waiter came up a second time to add another poached egg! Nice friendly staff they've got there!

I would need to go back to Sam I Am again, with my camera and my mood to try the food! WK said they had some crepes or pancake which are really good too, so I better remember that and bring a friend along heehee. Thanks to WK, I've been trying a lot of nice restaurants, cafes around uni. He ought to remember that he has to bring me to some really good cafe near Central.

And WK was really really nice to remember to get me something from Tassie. Okay, maybe he randomly just got one bottle from the many he bought. I haven't tried it yet though, but I would once I finish up my Manuka honey that I bought to rid my sore throat and cough. I wonder what I can use this bottle of Tassie honey for.

Photos taken at Sam I Am were taken with my phone, Sony Ericsson Aino. Pardon the quality!

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