Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Letters to Juliet

Okay I'm suddenly super sad because I've mistaken this all along! I thought Letters to Juliet was adapted from Nicholas Sparks' books, but I googled about it and it's not :( But nonetheless, I think Letters to Juliet is a really nice movie.

credits to Google Image.

Because watching a movie would take up quite a bit of time, so I watched it on four different days and I finally finished it today! I'm such a romance movie idiot, I like anything that has the possibility of making me cry heehee. But this movie didn't make me cry though. I was very touched by Amanda Seyfried's acting, I thought she brought out the character Sophie Hall really well. I'm usually not someone who critics on acting, but I was indeed moved by Sophie and the movie. Chris Egan is such a hottie too, I googled about him and omg he's an Aussie in Sydney! I thought he was Brit because his british accent was really alike. Heehee, well it feels good to know that I'm living in the same city as where he's born :D

If any of you haven't caught this movie, go catch it because it really made me wanna be at Italy! Alright, it's a lame reason.

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