Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last week was my housemate's birthday, so the usual would see us going out for a meal together. The birthday girl wanted to do brunch at Surry Hills or Newtown, then we decided on bills at Surry Hills. Prior to visiting a new cafe or restaurant, it's definitely and always my habit to look it up, google it and see what's recommended by cyber-ians. Apparently bills doesn't really have a very good reviews on.. The waiting time T__T

359 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(16 October 2010)

Upon arriving, we registered our name and was told to wait for 20-30mins for our seats. So we went for a short stroll and went back promptly. But our seats were only ready after another 15-20mins. So total wait for seats was... 35-50 mins >.< Having nothing to do standing outside, waiting for our seats, we started staring hard at the menu to spot any fancies.

It was extremely windy that day, wind that brought really cold air, so not many people sat outside of the cafe. I saw a group of girls sitting outside some of the other cafes, and their hair were in a mess and some stuff sticking out of it. I think they were leaves :P

Finally, we were seated. We took a bit of time trying to decide what to eat and the food took ages to come. Definitely about 30mins! :( So I started entertaining myself with shots, so I can post something here. I really like this ceiling light because it rotates! Maybe I can get this in my new place :)

The busy cafe, with a line at the far corner. I think the waiting time is really terrible :/

We had two rounds of disappointment before our food came. I guess everyone ordered their bills classics, so we kept seeing the same stuff coming out of the kitchen. But sadly, they weren't ours till the... Third round :(

So finally, our food came and there goes the non-stop camera shutters! I'm proud to be a food paparazzi :D This was what I ordered, pretty yummy, generous amount of corns! I think I got quite scared of corns after that, I thought the tile floorings along the roads looked like these corn fritters!

Sweet corn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon - AU$18.50

This was another of their specialty -- Hotcakes! I tried a little, they definitely don't taste like Macca's hotcakes. Pretty yummy, but I don't see why some reviewers really like their honeycomb butter :/

Ricotta hotcakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter - AU$17.50

While we were waiting outside, we saw many people had these fries on their table, so I told my housemates that we should try it. On the top, they were really bland though. I guess they didn't mix up the fries, it got salty towards the bottom. Good try, but well they're just fries.

Herbed French Fries - AU$8

This steak sandwich was really good imo! I really liked the bread, it was toasted really well :)  Good to have a second time!

Fillet steak sandwich with caramelised onion, rocket, fresh tomato and horseradish cream - AU$18.50

Lastly, we also had scrambled eggs on our table, one of bills classics. I don't fancy egg, so I don't have much to say about it. But I reckon there're other stuff which sounds awesome to try on second visit.

Scrambled organic eggs with sourdough toast, extra fresh tomatoes - AU$13.50 + AU$4.50

This is just a snapshot on how my corn fritters look like on the cross-sections. I still remember the taste of it, yums.

So after we were done, I went to meet a friend for coffee :) On the way, in the strong winds, there was A SHOE in the middle of road. Of course, being fascinated kids, we had to stop and have our photos taken. My hair looked so messed up with the huge winds >.< I would love to be in the shoe in that weather, away from the annoying cold wind. The weather in Sydney is really erratic and emotional. It could be really cold and windy in the morning, then hot in the afternoon. Makes me sick pretty easily *sniff sniff*

We had a surprise for our housemate in the evening, with her friends who popped by with all the food and cake! They've got a chocolate truffle cake from Buzzzbar Cafe, it was so so so rich in chocolate. It was a little wet though, when we tried to slice it up for everyone >.<

That's all, folks! I've got heaps of work to catch up before exams start in.. Two weeks! Omg :( But I've been eating out lately and I've got so much to share. When I have time, I'll definitely be back.

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