Friday, October 22, 2010


I really shouldn't be updating a post when I have two assignments waiting for me to begin :/ But what's uni without last minute work? :P

Yesterday after uni, my evil friend (who always psycho me to have lunch) and I visited Poporo at Market City. I asked for suggestions, with none on Japanese and Chinese Asian cuisine, but we ended up at a Japanese restaurant T__T We were meant to visit Nando's, since I've never been before, but thinking about only chicky options makes me wanna have Jap food instead.
Market City
Top Floor, Shop 301, 9-13 Hay St
Haymarket NSW 2000
(20 October 2010)

My memory is failing these days, but I reckon I ordered Beef Sukiyaki, or that's what it's called. It was actually very yummy, not that I was particularly hungry or anything. From the picture, there's this extra piece of fried stuff that doesn't belong to my bowl. My evil friend W insisted that I should try and dumped it onto my bowl. It comes with a bowl of miso soup too, which wasn't too salty so that's one plus point (I don't like extremely salty miso soups).

The beef was a little tough to bite though, like it just wouldn't tear apart. I remember I was struggling to swallow the huge chunk of meat a couple of times. I love the rice that submerged into the sauce!

Beef sukiyaki (If it helps, I remember it's about AU$10)

I didn't take photos of what W had, because I got too lazy and moodless with my camera. Thankfully I took of mine, because I really think it's really good and I'll definitely go back and try their other dishes! :)

Uni is getting exciting because exams are coming and everyone would be panicking! Aaah! It doesn't make things better with more assignments and deadlines just before stuvac (study vacation), and we just can't start on revision yet. I should either leave procrastination faraway or procrastination leave me further away!

And I'm really thankful for friends who offered their ears to listen to why I was so upset today. Life is definitely much better with such friends around! As much as I'm still upset over certain issues, the next best alternative would just to suck it up and do something more important like studying :O Exams, we must break it!

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