Sunday, October 24, 2010

Speed typing test #1

I reckon I'm starting to feel stress, but not because exams are coming. The assignment I'm doing for ECOS3003 is driving me nuts that everything is blank in my head. I don't mind the course, it's pretty fun, but not this 20% assignment that I'm totally stuck in.

Usually, to relieve my own stress, I'll do the usual typing test that I googled online. I actually found this site several years back and played it with my cousins during one of our gatherings. I remember very clearly because it was so much fun, blasting music while typing to increase the adrenaline rush.

98 words

This is my first time this year getting high 90s. I think my highest record was 103, I know I'm a freak. I might try my hand at this again later, maybe just a stress reality check kinda test.

I really wanna know how everyone is faring though, maybe I might meet someone I know who scored higher than me! Okay, let's try to get this damn assignment out of the way by tonight! 4 pages, double space excluding appendix and diagrams. Wait, why must there be diagrams? :(

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