Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sydney Madang

Following on my last entry, I went to Madang after my visit to the Sydney Opera House Open Day 2010! I couldn't believe that we actually walked all the way from Circular Quay to Town Hall just to get to Madang, we could have taken the bus if we wanted to spend on expensive bus rides :( Anyway, it was my second time at this Korean restaurant, the first being on 25 May this year with my secondary school aka high school friends D and J! I do have photos of our dunch (dinner + lunch) in May, but the photos are too blur.
Sydney Madang
371A Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
(24 October 2010)

Here's one of the clearer photos I took using my bil's (bro-in-law) Canon Powershot Pro 1 that I had earlier this year. We had barbeque (bbq) then, and it was hell load of food! The pork wasn't very fresh though, D reckon it was frozen meat :( I remember D was very disappointed as well, she's been there heaps of times but that time was really bad.

So, my second time at Madang, I went with C my dinner date and G. C wanted some Korean bbq fix, so I thought about giving Madang a second chance since another friend kept telling me that Madang is really good. P.S: the photo quality isn't very good this time, I kept forgetting to change the settings on my G11 and I was too hungry :(

Definitely at all Korean restaurants, there'll be side dishes which you can top up! It's free of charge and the best thing, they come in 5 little bowls so you get to have a bit of everything. I reckon the side dishes varies everyday, because I don't remember having the awesome honey potatoes the last time round! Well, the last time I had some horridly spicy radish thingy that stung me pretty bad :/ Must try the honey potatoes, I love them so much I tried finding recipes online before! But of course, it failed XD

Here's our main item! When we saw this thingo on the menu, we thought hey bbq! But it turned out to be some semi-bbq-semi-steamboat, which disappointed C pretty bad. Well, she was really desiring for some bbq fix! Lucky for us, this definitely didn't disappoint us at all! Well, for me at least since I didn't have a good first time. The beef was really really really good (omg I'm lost for words)! We kinda bbq-ed the beef on where it was sitting, then it really got cooked! Well, we didn't know it was like a bbq-cum-steamboat initially.... After which, we threw all the greens and shrooms into the soup and make it some sort of Korean veggie soup heehee. But I must say, the soup kinda tasted weird to me. There were like some sort of herbish after taste, maybe it was ginseng since it's somewhat a Korean thing. But anyhow, the beef was really really really so good! Yums, I can still remember how it tastes like XD Oh, and this comes with two bowls of steam rice too :D
Yetnal BulGoGi (for 2 people), Palace Style Marinated Beef (Cook on your table) -- AU$32

Also, somewhat a must-order dish at Korean restaurant I reckon it has to be the seafood pancake! I had it twice already, the first time was disappointing because it was really oily and there wasn't much seafood taste. This time, it was still oily (I mean, that's alright since it's fried), but I felt better having it. There was still more flour than seafood, but apparently it's meant to be like this. I tried making this sort of seafood pancake before, with the seafood marinara that I bought from Woolies and the flour from Korean supermarket, but it turned out real bad because I didn't have a non-stick pan :( I had to put it into the oven toaster after failing at trying to fry it, fail. I'll try it again when I have a non-stick pan, grrr.

Seafood pancake -- AU$12

Yay to third time! I'll definitely go back to Madang, since the standard of my favourite Korean restaurant Ceci dropped after it shifted from Strathfield to Burwood (now it's just right below my apartment!!!). I'm still drooling on the thought of the beef, yums. Maybe drop the seafood pancake next time?

I feel good today, because it's finally the last day of academic semester and I can finally start doing serious revision for my finals! This week had been a great battle, handling one individual assignment due on Tuesday and one group assignment due today! The group one was really, phewwwww. I'm so glad it's over, even though we didn't have many people contributing despite a strong group of 8 peeps. Thank goodness for peer evaluation? Heehee. I've heard many stories from other groups, how a couple of peers started appearing in their discussion after they heard about the peer evaluation! It's kinda typical, but it didn't happen in my group. Some people disappeared and never came back :/Well, I do hope I score  good grade for it, need it to bring my stress level down! :P

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