Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sydney Opera House Open Day 2010

I should do a long entry today, but it's two different things so I thought I should do two posts instead so the title doesn't get too long. I'll try the other entry soon when I have more time in my hands!

So, it was the annual Sydney Opera House Open Day on Sunday (24 October 2010)! Well, the main point is, entry was free! It's a good deal for students like us, with huge temptation to buy tickets to watch a musical or dance just to go into Opera House. I mean, it's iconic in Sydney! When I got the mailer, I immediately booked five tickets not knowing if anyone was interested to go. Five was the maximum, but I didn't get to utilise my tickets at all. This is like the last week of uni, so there're assignments due and friends didn't have time to go :( But nonetheless, I tagged along with another group of friends who had 5 tickets too!

To be honest, we didn't need the tickets at all. I'm not sure if it was the bad weather or they just don't check, we didn't actually need tickets and I secretly managed to cut the line to get to the front where my friends were. I know, I'm a bad kid.

The Merry Widow. She's the only one I'm familiar with, because my senior band played this piece for their Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) during their year! They clinched a Gold with Honours with it :D I've always liked that piece, how merry it sounds at the beginning, even though the title may beg to differ (widow?). The mannequin is dressed so nicely I reckon.

Exactly how the real Merry Widow looks like. Wait, actually I'm not sure if she's the real Merry Widow.

The next one in black is modelled on La Traviata. I haven't heard of this piece before, but I should check it out. The composer is Giuseppe Verdi, I might have played one of his pieces before.. Hmm..

We moved onto the next theatre. I think there are three main halls -- Drama, Opera and Concert. In this, they had a guy opera soloist to sing for us. That's the banner they had for this year's Open Day.

Moving on, we just followed the crowd and headed outdoors. The opera house had a very good view of the entire bridge, but of course I needed to take a photo :D I wish I was on the other side in North Sydney though, then I can take a nice shot of the opera house.

Finally, in the concert hall. I wasn't very amazed by this concert hall when I first entered. Maybe it was the wrong atmosphere. Nevertheless, it reminds me of my time on stage with my band at Singapore Esplanade. I would definitely love to perform in the Sydney Opera House if I ever get a chance :D The concert organ, so marvelous. The sound was awesome too!

There, there was a guy playing on the concert organ for us! It was really wow, because there were five keyboards! It must be an awesome feeling to be playing on this set of organ right in the opera house. Well, it makes a difference if you're playing up so high!

The view I'll get if I ever get a chance to perform in the Opera House. The only con about being there that day, I didn't get the feeling I was hoping for :( There were just too many people and people were taking photos of themselves on the stage. Well, I know I know what a rare chance to be on the concert hall of the Opera House.

Then moving on, we watched a little of aerobics too! I never knew there was an "arena" like place in the Opera House for "circus" performance. I can't remember what this group was called, but they were really amazing. There was a lady who looked like she was three times my age, swinging on one of those hoops! What strong muscles she's got really. I think hanging myself on the poles using my arms would be such a big feat for me.

I reckon, it'll be a good experience to visit the Opera House when it's free. But to indulge in a full experience, I would definitely have to buy tickets to a show. The free visit just wasn't enough, I'm not contented. But Opera House is definitely convenient, it's near Circular Quay. Just that, if you're running late for a concert, it might be a little tiring for a speed walk :P That's all folks, I'll be back with what I had for dinner on the same day!

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