Saturday, November 20, 2010


Oh my goodness, exams are over!!!!!!! Well, at least that's all for books right now. I was meant to blog a little today, but I'm down with a very bad flu that caused me to be half bedridden today :( I know, I'm like so weak and I should take more vitamins. It seemed just a couple of weeks back when I had a similar entry about me being sick!

But anyway, I just wanted to do a quick shout-out and say, I'm alive and I'll be back once I get out of my pathetic state. I should be able to post something every three days after I'm done with flu bugs attacking me. So, stay tune!

PS. If anyone has noticed, I've got a new widget at the right column to see which countries are visiting! Of course, it's cool for me to know which countries are visiting but not cool for you if you're always checking back when I don't update. Dw, I'm a very bad stalker myself I stalk my own blog very often to check and read my own entries. That's what you do when you've just got nothing better to do, sigh.

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