Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Edited checklist

This is my second time typing this because wordpress screwed up on me and I didn't published my unsaved version, sigh oh sigh.


As promised, I'm backkkkk even though it was just yesterday that I posted an announcement. Hehe, I can't wait to be up and going and typing again! It actually brings me joy and entertainment by blogging, sometimes I actually wonder why.

First things first, I've edited my previous checklist (see here), just filled it up to 10 so it makes a round figure.

  1. Changed flight back home (Checked!)

  2. Create tumblr, customize and get ready to post (Checked!)

  3. Create formspring, be ready to get blasted (Hmm.....)

  4. Pack my notes, do stock-take for stationaries and toiletries (2/3 checked!)

  5. Take more photos, blog more

  6. Blog about my recent Hong Kong trip in July

  7. Pack the old clothes that I’ve outgrown

  8. Find a driving instructor

  9. Date people

  10. Look forward to HSH and bunny time!

Next, I've finally received my telephoto lens from Hong Kong! I mentioned that I was gonna buy the lens here and here, but I only bought and paid on the 4th of November! I was actually gonna rant a little on that blarrrrdy delivery, because I'm actually quite pissed! Maybe I'll talk about it when when I manage to take some photos of the new lens and how my camera looks like after I fix them up. It looks horrendously long, professional and... a little tacky :( Also, I think there's only a really small difference between with and without the telephotos lens, so I am a little disappointed :(

That aside, here's a set of two photos to tell y'all what I meant by, really small difference. On the left, with the telephoto lens. On the right, without.

I confess that it's not a very good comparison there, because the photo doesn't capture the same view at the same exposure, focal length and aperture (wow at the technical terms). I should have used my mini tripod, but I couldn't reach for it in time before I shot this. Oh bother.

P.S. The red and white flag in the background, that is the flag of Singapore. It's not mine, belongs to my roommate. It's not at a very strategic position, because each time the door slams, the flag goes down onto the floor :/ But it's in a good position when I shot the photos, because that's how I gauge the photos :P

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