Thursday, November 25, 2010

Miso Japanese Restaurant

I've been so out of date on my food hunts, have been so busy with... nothing :/ I must must must say it again, I'm done with Year 2 of uni! Woohoo! :D So this leaves me more time for blogging, taking photos and food hunts :D

We have yet another Japanese restaurant to talk about today, yays! I love Japanese cuisine, they're so yummy and I'll never get sick of them. When someone asks me, do you have any cravings now? The first one that always come to my mind would have to be Japanese! Craving and Japanese just go hand in hand :P

I don't remember how we actually decided to go to Miso to have lunch, but we did anyway and it was awesome in my honest opinion! :) Didn't manage to take photos of all the food, didn't wanna appear like an extreme food paparazzi so I calmed myself down by just taking what's in front of me :(

Miso Japanese Restaurant
Shop 20
World Square
Sydney CBD NSW 2000
(19 October 2010)

Pardon me peeps, it was a month back since I visited Miso, I just can't remember the name nor the price of what we had that day. My memory isn't that fantastic after all, sigh. I know I had the restaurant's signature dish, I reckon it was tonkatsu don. It was so so so sooooooo good, trust me on this. Somehow I especially liked the potato salad, even though I don't fancy salads. I know I spent less than AU$20 for lunch, probably AU$16ish if that helps! It was really filling, so that was good enough for me :)

My friend had some bento set and boy was it colourful! I like how the bento set look so happy and he actually managed to finish that entire set. Guys just have bottomless tummies, ain't it? I think this bento set was AU$18ish, but definitely below AU$20 because our total bill was a bit less than AU$60 for 3 persons!

Sorry I didn't take a picture of what my other friend had. I remember I had the "omg are you gonna take a photo of my food" stare when I whipped out my camera. I should let my friends know that I carry my camera wherever I go, shouldn't I? :P

I promise quality and up-to-date write-ups next time! The next couple of write-ups would probably be the same as this one, since they're all backdated ones :( I have three pending posts coming up, less food, more words and substance I hope! Give me some time to draft them out and stick around with me! x

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