Thursday, November 11, 2010


Aah, because I'm so distracted from studying I'm just gonna quickly put down a checklist for what I wanna do right away, after exams! I'm only 1/4 done for exams, but another eight days and I'll be free!

The papers I've left..

  • Saturday  13/11 - ECOS 3003

  • Tuesday 16/11 - FINC 2012

  • Thursday 18/11 - AGEC 2101

Thank God I'm done with ECOS 3002, that was really one nerve wrecking and hand shivering paper. It was a 2.5 hours paper for 20 MCQ and 3 essay questions. I hope my handwriting was read-able.

So, checklist!

  1. Changed flight back home

  2. Create tumblr, customize and get ready to post

  3. Create formspring, be ready to get blasted

  4. Pack my notes, do stock-take for stationaries and toiletries

  5. Take more photos, blog more

  6. Blog about my recent Hong Kong trip in July

  7. Pack the old clothes that I've outgrown

  8. ...

  9. ...

  10. ...

What an impromptu post.

I actually have some photos I wanna post, but I really can't take a break to do it. I've been on small little breaks the entire day! So, off I shall go. Wish me luck for exams!

P.S Remember to check out the youtube video in the previous entry (entitled Love Language)! It's really worth watching and make you go aww. We can do our part for charities just by watching the video over and over again.

P.P.S Aah, I just heard another plane flying by. Doesn't help living so near the airport, well kinda near.

P.P.P.S I painted my toe nails today because I got so bored. Black they are today! :)

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