Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love Language

Sorry for the lack of updates over here! I've been tryna be good, to study for my exams really diligently. Don't blame me, I promise I'll come back with more words and photos/piccas.

I have a video to share today! Ever since this year, I've been hooked onto youtube for all the videos I can find. If I ever need help in "How to bathe my bunnies" (LOL), I'll definitely youtube it (heehee, youtube is both a noun and verb now). I saw this link shared by a friend from uni on facebook last night, so I thought I should share it here too. It's all for a good cause! They'll donate 2 cents for every view count, so all you have to do is just keep watching! It ain't too hard, is it? :)

Other than the good cause behind this video, I think it shares a really beautiful love story albeit it's made up. Someday, we will all find someone close to our heart, who'll be able to read our minds and appreciate our flaws.


x, JAS

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