Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big Bang Theory, again!

I've been missing, well okay not much. I usually blog on a daily basis, but for the past couple of days it's been hell! My exams start this Monday and I'm excited yet panicking at the same time. I guess everyone would prolly feel the same towards exam huh, I hope I'm not the only one :P

I meant to put up a couple of photos and pictures that made me LOL! But I haven't got the time to organize them in order and upload them, so for now it's gonna be words update! Pardon me, people! Oh oh oh, and I have to add, I don't really use LOL until recently. I think I got influenced into using LOL because so many people made it seem so easy to fit lol into our conversations. Is LOL really convenient in portraying you laughing out loud, as opposed to hahahahaha? Or does LOL make it easier to help make the conversation move along ie, change topic please? Maybe I won't be a convert after all.

Anyway, back to what the title says, Big Bang Theory! Woohoo, I finally finished Season 3 about two weeks back! But I restrained from starting on Season 4 for now because it's sooooo addictive! My intention is to wait till the entire Season 4 to be over, then start watching so I don't have to wait for each new episode. Oh, and I actually noted down which episode from Season 3 that amused me so so much! *Mini spoiler ahead*

It's episode 14, if anyone wanna know! Well, I didn't bother noting the other seasons 'cos it just didn't occur to me. But season 3 episode 14 is really hilarious! Check it out if you haven't already watched it. There was this episode which I totally didn't understand what was going on, can't remember which though but it's definitely in season 3, and it wasn't funny at all :( Got disappointed, but BBT is still so funny (Y). Can't wait for season 4!

Now I'm on a Hongkong drama serial, after I'm done I'll hop onto.. maybe... Grey's Anatomy? Don't think I'll be able to catch up on that, heard they're on season 7 for now! *Gasps* Many of my friends are hooked onto it, so I'm pretty sure it's worth watching.

Check out the latest news too! It's really pretty scary to me, because I'm about to take a flight by Qantas! 4 Nov and 6 Nov, it was today and two days ago! I wonder if that was why when I called to change my flight, they wanted me to take the flight with airbus A380 -- nobody wants to take the airbus anymore!! :O Coincidentally, both flights are Sydney-Singapore, exactly the route I'm gonna be taking. Uh ohh...

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