Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I wouldn't say I'm awfully sick today, but I'm awfully sick!

I sneezed so much today that I'm almost done with the tissue box I bought a week ago. Maybe it's the temperamental weather, maybe it's the lack of sleep. My usual remedy to my bad nose: drink heaps of water and take a good nap! I reckon I didn't manage to take a good nap just now, I woke up with a headache :(

So I whipped up a small pot of porridge for the very sick me. My usual style, carrots + meat. They seem to look like wet rice though, heehee. Aah, it's time like this I wish I've got my new tele-photo lens (the ones which I haven't bought :P).

Canon G11, F 3.2, Shutter 1/13, ISO 400.

Weather has been pretty bad everywhere lately, so take care everyone! You definitely wouldn't wanna fall sick while preparing for exams (like me :S), so drink heaps of water to rid yourself of the nonsense in your body!

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