Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe

Being in a uni that is close to all good cafes around makes it very sinful. We wanted to pop by Sam I Am for brunch, but unfortunately they were closed (not too sure if it wasn't opening hours yet or they were closed for business though :(). We strolled around the area for a bit, up and down Glebe Point Road, then finally settled with the busy looking Badde Manors Cafe just around the corner. I reckon it was a good decision made :)

Badde Manors Cafe
37 Glebe Point Road
 Glebe NSW 2037

Tried their coffee, was pretty good. I'm not a pro at coffees, so as long as they aren't too difficult to drink down, I would think they are good coffee. 

This is Badde Manors Big Breakfast, which was yum. I like how it's got an array of different stuff put together  and very affordable! Only at A$13.50, I really cannot complain about much. You can tell, there are eggs (done to your choice) with spinach, mushroom, baked beans, seasoned potatoes and grilled tomato served on sourdough bread. A wholesome meal for a small budget. 

The other we had was french toast with strawberries and maple syrup. A delight to look at and really affordable too at A$10.50. It looks like a small portion, but it was as filling as it can be. 

Had a good time savouring what we ordered. Do give Badde Manors a try if you haven't been there, it will be satisfying :)

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