Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Se Joung, Campsie

Because I am a free bird now. Because I finished my exams. Because I finished uni. So here I am :] I'm pretty nervous about exams and results, I can't quite confidently say that I'll be able to graduate yet because the exam papers caught me by surprise, but right now it's the summer holidays so heck it.

Ever since I moved from the inner west suburbs to across from uni, I've been missing all the bargains and convenience that the inner west brings me. I certainly hope I could move back to the suburbs again because everything is a bargain. Because of a desire and need to visit Big W, we caught a one-hour bus down to Campsie. The bus ride was nothing less than bumps and aching bums. Nevertheless, so happy we got a couple of great bargains at Big W and also another chance to explore Campsie again. I love exploring suburbs, just looking and walking around to see what sort of suburb it is. I can't quite define what ethnicity Campsie is (like how Strathfield is little Korea and Cabramatta is little Vietnam), but it's definitely Asian fo sho.

Campsie didn't offer us much choices for dinner, so we picked the possibly only Korean restaurant in town - Se Joung. Reviews on eatability were promising so we were really excited about finally having Korean food again. We had pretty mixed feelings about this place, read on.

It was hell of a busy night at Se Joung. We were asked to shift from a bigger table to a smaller table, which barely had space for our overestimated amount of food. But we were extremely glad to shift anyway because we spotted a roach running out of the bbq! Imagine our shock. Eating from that bbq when a roach just ran out of it? We would have left the restaurant if not that we were hungry. But of course, most bbq restaurants always have this problem. I've heard of other scarier stories about other restaurants, so I wouldn't really fault them for it. Nonetheless, roaches grade restaurants.

The restaurant was so busy that night. Side dishes water + cups took pretty long to come that we had to ask a couple of times for them. The usual side dishes that most restaurants serve. I can't vouch for their honey potato though, no sweetness in it, just heaps of soy sauce.

The greedy us ordered three dishes, all of them are our regulars at almost all Korean restaurant. Ordering the same dishes at different restaurants seem boring, but it's a good gauge for us to decide if we were to return (even if the crowd and hygiene scares us away). The first we had seafood pancake, which was crisp and fried to perfection. As much as that, there were very few seafood and chives in it and it was bland. Maybe the bland-ness was to be complemented with the accompanying sauce, but it still doesn't feel right. 

I think the next dish we had was beef bulgogi or marinated beef, which was well marinated! We enjoyed this very much, even though our stomachs were already bursting with all that amount of food. We didn't have to cook the meat on our own, the staff will actually do it for you! This probably explains why service is mediocre even though there were so many wait staff around. 

The last we had had to be sweet and spicy crispy chicken. Sadly, it wasn't what we had expected. The fried chicken was soggy and soft and the sauce was way too spicy than sweet. There isn't a balance like what we expected (or experienced before), so we really had trouble finishing since I needed a spoon of rice with every piece I took - way too spicy. But of course, if you enjoy spiciness then maybe this will suit you. Otherwise, the soggy chicken pieces were really disappointing :( 

Conclusion - we probably wouldn't return to Se Joung. We could hardly get any attention from the waitresses (and even whom we suspected was boss of the restaurant) and the food is hardly exclusive and memorable. Nonetheless, it is my own honest opinions on them. 

Se Joung
Shop 364, 68-72 Evaline Street
Campsie NSW 2194

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