Friday, June 28, 2013

Public versus Personal

I guess it isn't difficult to spot a trend in my blogging behaviour - I either post a couple of entries a day (then schedule them to appear one daily) or I go missing for a couple of weeks and the former repeats again. Such inconsistency and procrastination I have within me.

I tend not to post anything too personal on this space, and I hope I'll be able to continue to do that. Not that the cyber world can't be somewhere where I can share private stuff, but I have had past experiences blogging about personal life before and that got really intense. There were strangers, or one particular person, who kept coming back to read about my then (sad, pathetic) life and leave/s comments that weren't the friendliest. I'm someone who will fight back for my own rights, so I did. I closed that blog and stopped posting on that platform. I wasn't gonna give the unfriendliest people a chance to throw lemons at me, and I know people love throwing lemons at others (I often hear about youtubers getting mean comments on their videos and what they do, that they end up having those unnecessary yet required disclaimers before a video).

I might want to do a post on things I would tell my 30-year-old self. I think that would be an interesting post to write up, especially now when I'm in this stage in life where change is in every minute. Oh, wait. That would be a rather personal post, wouldn't it be?

On a more extreme personal level, my sister gave birth to my second niece this week and I absolutely love the new baby in our family. The bigger baby is at this stage where she says no to everything (my fault for teaching her how to say no :(), so she gets a little annoying yet cute at the same time. Oh, paradox of life. And I'm suspecting I live for babies, babies always make my day.

I might spend my weekend at my study table to complete the backlog.


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