Thursday, July 25, 2013

Joe Black, Surry Hills

I was looking for interesting cafes to visit one day and saw heaps of positive reviews on Joe Black. It wouldn't be difficult to find a good cafe in Surry Hills but I was kinda looking for a cafe that is within reasonable walking distance (and time) from the city centre and Joe Black falls into that category! It was on my to-go list for the longest time, about six months or so, and I suspect I was trying to save some money and also avoid eating out too often since eating out means high spending and rather unhealthy food. Of course, cafe food can be as healthy as you want them to be (think gluten free options and free range eggs!), but because I'm not the most conscious person on Earth I tend to have the most sinful food in cafes. #firstworldproblems maybe?

The interior of Joe Black is just too.. chill (pardon my inability to describe it better). They reminded me of the cafe Robocog (link), where a couple of their staff (or maybe all of them) wears a moustache. What uncanny resemblance, really! We were seated shortly after arriving and had a quick through their short menu. 

Just look at the graphics, interesting! Well, I really didn't mean to shoot that lady in my photo, but there was no way I could have asked her to move aside :/ 

I would always order a latte, which was pretty good. 

There weren't many options on the menu, which was slightly disappointing. I didn't know what to pick at all, but settled with their pilate pancakes ($12.50). Their dishes had very funky names that you really wouldn't know what to expect just from their names, plus point! They described these pancakes with you'll need pilates after these chocolate covered bad ass mo foes. Exciting, not? This was how the pilate pancakes look like, where are the pancakes you ask? They were so generous with their chocolate sauce that the pancakes submerged within. However, some may not like their pancakes this thin, but I enjoyed it so much that this has to be my favourite pancakes thus far! The pancakes were thin and dough-like, with crisp sides. There was enough chocolate sauce and strawberries to go with every mouthful of pancake, you (and your tummy) will definitely feel overwhelmed.

My friend V had their Stromin' Norman ($9.50), which had a cheery tomato mix with spanish onion, avocado and a poached egg. She ordered a side of mushrooms to go along with her brunch. Unforunately, we were too caught up in our conversation that I don't even remember if I asked how did her toast went. But I reckon she probably said something like, "I must bring friends here one day!". So, does that make a good conclusion?

Sorry this photo is a tad blur, I think I got too hungry that I couldn't care more about taking photos :P

Each time I look at that photo of the chocolate pancakes, I feel like my tummy is telling me "get out of the house to Joe Black!!!" It is a pity that they don't offer heaps of options on their menu, but I reckon their pancakes will always get me to visit them. As much as Joe Black may not be my favourite cafe now, I will definitely recommend it to friends who don't wanna visit busy Surry Hills and yet wanna have some good cafe chillax place to hang around. 

Joe Black (urbanspoon)
27 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills NSW 2001

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